100 Healthy Days: Review, Reflections & Recommendations

Location: North Point Chiropractic 21150 W Capitol Drive, Suite 5 Brookfield, WI 53072
Date: July 1st @ 6:30 pm

This workshop will be held IN OFFICE Wednesday, July 1st at 6:30 pm, but if you cannot make this, click here is a link to join us on zoom! ZOOM ID: 821 8397 4867 This workshop is a going to focus on reviewing and reflecting on the first four weeks of the 100 Healthy Days program (launched on June 3rd).  If you missed the first health talk or first few weeks don't worry.  You can join at any time!  This talk will get you caught up on what you missed and prepare you to continue living 100 Healthy Days and beyond. This 100 Healthy Days program will help you live your best life every day, regardless of your age. Get ready to clarify and stay on track with your goals. Whether you want to find your passion, increase your income, lose weight or have healthier relationships, your entire life will benefit from this action-plan for life-long change. Get ready to enjoy the journey. Your 100 is coming! You make the call!

What to expect during the workshop:

  • Your DNA is not your destiny.  We will be looking at how you can create a NEW family tree.
  • Action plan for life long change
  • Shifting health care priorities: Self-care, Healthcare and Crisis Care
  • Personal Posture test & Core Strength Stability Test
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Want more information about 100 Healthy Days or Chiropractic care ahead of time?

Contact the us directly here. In the comments section note "100 Healthy Days, more information" along with any specific questions you have. Dr. Pete will reach out shortly after receiving this and we can discuss your specific needs. This can be specifically about this workshop, or how chiropractic and the 100 Year Lifestyle principles can be applied to your life today. Sign up below: