Intro to Essential Oils

Location: North Point Chiropractic 21150 W Capitol Drive, Suite 5 Brookfield, WI 53072
Date: April 1st, 6:30 pm

In this interactive workshop, Kelly Terry, dōTERRA wellness advocate, will cover the 3 ways oils can be used to support your body. Specifically, she will cover how oils can support you while recovering form pain, sleep trouble, anxiety, and immune system dysfunction.
The workshop will be fun, full of quality education, and will include giveaways!
To try a sample before the workshop, please fill out this google form.
Our mission at North Point Chiropractic is to help you live your 100 Year Lifestyle. This means having a healthy spine and nervous system, but also knowing what other health and wellness resources are out there. Essential oils can be very powerful for your quality of life, so please join us to learn more.
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Migraines and Headaches

Location: North Point Chiropractic 21150 W Capitol Drive, Suite 5 Brookfield, WI 53072
Date: 4/15/20 @ 6:30 pm

This workshop will teach you why migraines and headaches occur, and natural solutions to treat them. Dr. Peter Gonzalez will be speaking from first hand experience about why nerve interference can be the direct cause of dysfunction that can lead to migraines and headaches. We know how debilitating this can be, and it is our top priority to get you out of your health crisis.

We know the people are living longer than ever before, so if you are suffering, it is that much more important to make the critical transition to Lifestyle Care and function at 100%. This workshop will teach you the secrets to living an active, healthy, quality of life for 80, 90, 100 years and beyond.  This workshop will will be focusing on the importance of seeking professional help, but also the self care required for true correction at the cause. 

  • Learn why your quality of health has nothing to do with age
  • The truth about genetics and lifestyle
  • Why people get old before their time
  • The different types of care and which one is right for you
  • How you can stay healthy and enjoy 100 Healthy Years
  • What causes migraines and headaches
  • Things you can do at home for headaches and migraines

Want more information about your migraines and headaches now?

Please feel free to reach out directly prior to the event. We are happy to set up a free phone consultation if this is something you are suffering from. To do so, simply click here and put in the comments section "phone consult: migraines and headaches". Dr. Pete will reach out directly after receiving this to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to seeing you at the event!  

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100 Healthy Days: A vision for life long change

Location: North Point Chiropractic 21150 W Capitol Drive, Suite 5 Brookfield, WI 53072
Date: June 3rd @ 6:30 pm

This workshop is an introductory launch and review of "100 Healthy Days", a program designed around a truly sustainable healthcare solution. We know our nervous system controls everything, but how do we support that? How do we make that critical transition from crisis oriented care to lifestyle care? We not only provide professional help in office, but this workshop is designed to give you all of the tools you need for self care, a vital piece of your health. This 100 Healthy Days program will help you live your best life every day, regardless of your age. Get ready to clarify and stay on track with your goals. Whether you want to find your passion, increase your income, lose weight or have healthier relationships, your entire life will benefit from this action-plan for life-long change. Get ready to enjoy the journey. Your 100 is coming! You make the call!

What to expect during the workshop:

  • Learn how to calculate your M-PYR,  learn from the advanced notice your parents and grandparents are giving you about your longevity potential. Make life choices for the long haul. Start planning your 100 Year Lifestyle today, so you can experience a life of lasting health, wealth, prosperity, partnership, and purpose as you age. Your minimum potential years remaining are not your maximum. Click this link to calculate you and your families M-PYR!
  • Life Changing Principle #1:The Magnet Principle
  • Life Changing Principle #2: The Persistence Principle:
  • Principle #3: The Compelling Principle
You will receive a free E-Workbook, Links to webinars/podcasts and guidelines for the program with this class*  

Want more information about 100 Healthy Days or Chiropractic care ahead of time?

Contact the us directly here. In the comments section note "100 Healthy Days, more information" along with any specific questions you have. Dr. Pete will reach out shortly after receiving this and we can discuss your specific needs. This can be specifically about this workshop, or how chiropractic and the 100 Year Lifestyle principles can be applied to your life today. Sign up below: