Migraines & Headaches - Why & Natural Ways to Treat Them

Location: North Point Chiropractic 21150 W Capitol Drive, Suite 5 Brookfield, WI 53072
Date: 2/1/20 @ 10:00 am

This workshop will teach you why migraines and headaches occur, and natural solutions to treat them. Dr. Peter Gonzalez will be speaking from first hand experience about why nerve interference can be the direct cause of dysfunction that can lead to headaches and migraines. We know how debilitating this can be, and it is our top priority to get you out of your health crisis.

We know the people are living longer than ever before, so if you are suffering, it is that much more important to make the critical transition to Lifestyle Care and function at 100%. This workshop will teach you the secrets to living an active, healthy, quality of life for 80, 90, 100 years and beyond.  This workshop will will be focusing on the importance of seeking professional help, but also the self care required for true correction at the cause. 

  • Learn why your quality of health has nothing to do with age
  • The truth about genetics and lifestyle
  • Why people get old before their time
  • The different types of care and which one is right for you
  • How you can stay healthy and enjoy 100 Healthy Years
  • What causes headaches and migraines
  • Things you can do at home for headaches and migraines
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